Designed using small magnets (1100 gauss), Stop magnetic rings are the ultimate in the very latest technology when it comes to losing weight! Take advantage of the dual appetite suppressant and fat burning effects when you wear this incredible piece of jewelery on your feet.


  • Allows you to regulate your appetite without feeling frustrated
  • Works on a traditional "appetite suppressant" point on the foot
  • Incredible fat-burning effect thanks to the magnetic force
  • Induces a feeling of fullness
  • Can be worn discreetly on one or both of your big toes
  • Produces a sensation of well-being and relaxation
  • Made of flexible silicone, the ring can be adapted to any toe width



How to use: Wear the rings on the 2 big toes. Make sure that the magnets are positioned beneath the toe and in the middle. You can go about your daily routine while the rings work at slimming you down. The secret lies in the 2 pieces of magnets which can emit 1,100 Gauss's magnetic force to stimulate the acupuncture points. This will activate those areas which are normally not in use while walking, and also helps to improve sagging muscles. Washable with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Pair of silicone toe rings, one size fits all (Diameter: 2.5cm, L: 1.3cm) - Magnetic force: 1100 Gauss. Material: Silicone.

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