A truly unisex belt for all ages. The waterproof and UV protected material resists water and sweat making it perfect for both winter and summer sports. Packed in gift box and ready to give as gift. Soft to the touch, it moves with you making it comfortable to wear.  The silicone belt can be worn for outdoor activities, school and work; with jeans, shirts, slacks, a suit most importantly complement what you are wearing at the time. The colorful belt will brighten up your day or how you wish to be seen all the time. 


Eleven (11) colors with endless buckle combinations look perfect with any sportswear or uniform. 


Lightweight, durable and won't stretch making them perfect for travel. With different colored interchangeable buckles you can have multiple looks without packing more than one belt.  The belts are metal free meaning typically you do not have to remove them when passing through a metal detector. The durable, soft material is comfortable to wear for long flights and will keep its shape and size. 


Size: Fit any waist size up to 48 (trim to size).  The belt is 1.33 wide


Care:It can be easily cleaned with water and gentle dish soap and air driedYou can wear the usual black or be bold and go for the orange or green, or the baby blue. There will be colour for everyone, and show the difference of the normal leather waist belt.  


Pack in gift box, ready to give.  Adjustable length and Interchangeable buckle: get more than one belt and customize your own unique belt.

Silicone Waist Belt