The best kept secret facial anti-aging tool.  If you want to look couple years younger, you must definitely try this oriental best kept secret "GuaSha" facial on a daily basis to improve the blood circulation and stimulate cell growth.  It will boost absorption ability of daily moisturizing products.  A great anti-aging tool that use no chemical and no BOTOX.   Immediate effects you can see and feel.

1) Dark circles and Eye Bags decrease
2) Fine Lines reduced
3) Uneven tone improved
4) Smoother skin
5) Smaller pores
6) Dark spot (liver spot) lighten
7) Radiant looking
8) Skin lifted and firmer
9) Double chin reduced/Refined better face shape
10) Skin condition improved

GuaSha is an ancient Chinese technique involves light stroking of the skin with a smooth blade, typically made from water buffalo horn, to promote blood circulation. A 100% natural facial massage board for health and beauty! Ancient practitioners for centuries used this tool to help their patients releasing toxins, negative ions and promote healthy blood flow. This special design board made from ox's horn was cut for our facial feature. Just gently scraping the facial areas along the meridians on the face with your favourite daily facial cream (any kind) to promote facial rejuvenation. It helps to promote Qi and energy flow to bring vitality to the skin.  You will get ONE Natural Facial Massage Board with a simple to follow instruction. The GuaSha tool works well as body massage with the same technique of light strokes on arms, legs and figures.

Size: 5.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 0.3 cm approx.

Natural Gua Sha Massage Board Beauty Tool