Benefits from this foot pads:
  • Promotes calm relaxation
  • Improves the feeling of sleep quality
  • Relieves muscle tension & physical discomfort
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Increases healthy circulation
  • Easy to Use


Made with All-Natural Ingredients: Charcoal powder, Curcuma longa root powder, Alliumcepa bulb extract, Chitin, Cellulose, Dextrin, Bamboo vinegar
6-Step Instructions For Use: 1. Wash and dry feet thoroughly 2. peel protective paper from adhesive backing of foot pad 3. Attach the foot pad onto the center of foot 4. Leave on for 6-8 hours, preferably overnight(about 2-3 month) 5. Remove pads then wash feet
Notice & Proper Care: Store foot pads in cool, dry place away from humidity and high temperatures; keep foot pads sealed until use, keep out of reach of children.

Lanna Herbal Detoxify Toxins Foot Patch (10 Pads Per Pack)

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