Relief from leg pain and swelling!  These Zippered Compression Socks are the easy-to-use and help to soothe and revitalize your legs, giving you the pep back in your step!  Standing all day can cause pain throughout your legs and feet, but these Zippered Compression Socks alleviate this pain by increasing circulation, giving you instant relief from even your worst pain and swelling!The toe-less design fits every size foot and the pinch-resistant zipper makes these socks easy to put on and take off.  These compression stockings are made with a breathable nylon, spandex blend that allows them to be worn with any type of shoe. The nude color blends well with most skin tones so no one will even know you're wearing them! The comfortable design is perfect for long trips and helps to relieve swelling and fluid retention! The days of suffering with leg swelling and painful varicose veins are over. Now you can help relieve you symptoms all day, every day. Just Zip the pain away with Zippered Compression Socks!

    Designed to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling
    Quick and convenient to wear
    Not visible under your clothing
    Built-in zipper & adjustable Velcro, make it super easy to put on
    Perfect compression sleeve for travel, sports, work, or home  
    Open toe design
    Pinch-resistant zipper

Size Small:
Ankle Circumference: 8-10"
Calf Circumference: Up to 16"
Length of stocking laying flat: 19 3/4"

Size Large:
Ankle Circumference: 11-13"
Calf Circumference: Up to 19"
Length of stocking laying flat: 21"

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