• Hands and fingers are used all the time in a day for typing on keyboards, smartphones and iPhone, piano playing, knitting, gardening and household work etc.
  • Bio-Stimulating Ring is an ideal tool for activating pressure points in knuckles and fingers, stimulating the blood vessels. It can help relieve finger pain, numb fingers, or tiredness caused by repeated motions.
  • The Bio-Stimulating Ring does not "puncture" the skin. Its many rounded angles apply acupressure to the pressure points in the fingers. This is a form of massage for target areas that stimulates the local points receiving the pressure, as well as exercises for smarter and more vigorous brain.
  • The Bio-Stimulating Ring is Fun! Friendly! and you feel the pleasant stimulation instantly. An excellent gift to everyone.

Consider this ...WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

The gymnastics with physiological currents with the bio-stimulator will help changing the bad habit of overeating. Use Bio-Stimulating Ring whenever you feel hungry, massaging our fingers helps. To do this you must always have the ring with you.

How about â¦QUIT SMOKING

The gymnastics with physiological currents with the bio-stimulator will get rid of the psychological smoking dependence. A new habit â the finger massage will curb cravings to smoke. Instead of smoking cigarette, massaging your fingers with Bio-Stimulating Ring helps instantly. To do this you must always have the ring with you.

The achievements of the modern neurophysiology have proved this viewpoint. The hand has unique connections with the brain where all inner organs are projected.

NO MEDICINE required.

So you give the fingers a nice and easy BIO-STIMULATING. Feel the pleasant stimulation IMMEDIATELY.


  • Put it on any finger of your hand, and slightly roll the ring back and forth along the finger.  You may work on two or more fingers at the same time.
  • Massage pressure points and joints of the fingers; relieve fingers numbness and tiredness.
  • The best treatment time is 2 minutes for each finger regularly.
  • Bio-Stimulating Ring does not hurt your fingers rather promote the blood circulations and achieve wellness.


  • Massage of the THUMB: prophylactic and treatment of lungs diseases.
  • Massage of the Index finger: intestine functions regulation.
  • Massage of the Middle finger: pressure normalization, memory, ability and sexuality improvement.
  • Massage of the Fourth finger: loco-motor system improvement.
  • Massage of the Fifth finger: treatment and prophylactic of arrhythmia and heartaches, intuition development, nervous tiredness remove, chronicle constipation treatment.


  • This is NOT a jewellery ring
  • ONE size fits all

Bio-Stimulating Massage Ring