The tough plastic backing will save your iPhone 5S / 5 from impact damage whilst the durable rubber trim provides excellent shock absorbency to the vulnerable edges and corners of the device.  Protects your iPhone from abrasions and impact damage.  The iPhone 5S / 5 Belkin View Case provides superior protection to the back and sides of your phone from accidental bumps, drops and scrapes.  Clear back design highlights the details of the iPhone 5S / 5.  Designed to complement the unique and superior product styling of the Apple iPhone 5S / 5, the Belkin View Case is completely transparent which allows you to see the key finishing details such as the engraved Apple logo and the two tone rear design.  Durable rubber trim provides excellent protection against impacts.  The chunky rubberized trim of the Belkin View not only holds your iPhone securely within the case but also protects the edges and corners from dents and marks if dropped or knocked.  Cutouts for the various ports and features of your phone.  The shell has all of the appropriate cutouts for the ports and features of your iPhone 5S / 5 such as the camera with flash, volume controls and lock switch.

Belkin iPhone 5 / 5S View Case