Our pillows are stuffed with special memory foam that allows you to use your pillow anyway you want!
So if you have a picky sleeper at home, rest assured that everyone will love their bamboo pillow.
You can fluff it up to be a solid firm pillow or pat it down to get that soft, hotel feeling right in your own bedroom.
Soft as down and firm as foam.
Our pillows feature a special bamboo woven design with antibacterial properties.
No need to worry about allergies, dust mites, and any other nasty parasite!
Stay clean and stay green, with the power of bamboo!
The only eco-friendly solution for the household pillow.
Say Goodbye To Your Boring Pillows...
Meet your ultimate travel pillow.
Better than Hyatt and Sheridan pillows!
All your friends will be envious of your Bamboo Pillow.

Bamboo Pillow Queen - Filled With Luxurious Shredded Memory Foam Set of 2

SKU: 55010