A simple and effective way to swap/organize bags. Put your essentials in this Organizer once to organize in the different sized pockets and you can then swap bags in seconds! The pocket is designed to hold all the essentials such as electronics, cosmetics, water bottle, wallet, mobile phone and keys which can be transferred quickly from bag to bag! You have no more bag issue with this organizer. The 13-pocket design includes one zipper pocket fit many bag sizes, hold and organize your bits and pieces and retrieve them with your eyes closed! Features:

  • Made with light weight anti-bacterial material
  • Washable material in mild temperature water and soap
  • Size approx. 28*17*8.5cm
  • Smooth, fluffy, and slim
  • A ring on side to attach accessories
  • Protects contents with padded outer layer
  • 13 pockets

Bag in Bag Handbag Organizer